A beloved family cabin gets a “rustic retro” facelift

Nestled in the lushly forested area of Roberts Creek in British Columbia, Canada, the “Cheeky” Cabin features an eclectic mix of styles and motifs anchored by a retro style kitchen designed by the Emerge Design team.

The cabin, part of a larger property, was an addition to the ‘Sandy Castle’ cabin, which was constructed in 1943 by the homeowner’s grandparents. Over the years – various parts of the property were passed down to members of the homeowner’s family, and in 1989, her parents renovated the Sandy Castle cabin and added a separate garage, which became the Cheeky Cabin.

The original decor in the cabin was very dark and had lots of antiques as the centerpiece. The homeowner was looking to transform the cabin into a fresh and bright space while still maintaining the cozy cabin feel. The goal was to lift the mood in the room and make the cabin a welcoming, enjoyable retreat for any season.

In order to revamp the unique home, the design team took their cue from the homeowner’s diverse style. Her openness to different colors and themes gave the designers lots of options when it came to creating the kitchen.

“We were very inspired by our client’s fun, adventurous spirit and curiosity for life, which set the tone for the design process,” said kitchen designer, Gwyntie Van Tuyl.  “We found a vintage stove and then decided to build the kitchen around that using Elmira’s retro style appliances. To complement the existing color palette, we chose Northstar appliances in Robin’s Egg blue, which really brought the whole look together while adding a wonderful pop of color.”

The project was a true collaboration with the owner and showcased her approach to style in a fresh and unexpected way. Says Gwyntie, “We took our time when designing the cabin, which was completed in less than a year. The focus was on having a good time, and the final result reflects that.”

The end result was a cabin that artfully mixed 50s style with rustic cabin style. Adds Gwyntie, “We love the Robin Egg’s Blue Northstar appliances that we used to create a beautiful retro feel in this amazing spot, and the homeowner was thrilled!”

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