On Valentine’s Day, Think Red…and Pink

Red is such an eye-catching color – imagine red stop signs and exit signs, red fire trucks, and even red appliances. They all make you take a second look. This vibrant hue is most often associated with love (heart) and survival (the Red Cross), and symbolizes strength and power. However, it can also be extremely vulnerable.

There is no other time of the year during which red makes as many appearances as on Valentine’s day. From red roses to ruby-hued boxes of chocolate, red captures the day.

Now you might wonder, why would I want to have this color in my kitchen? Aside from the beautiful bold look, red is also known to stimulate the appetite. Think about how many foods we love to eat that are red – apples, tomatoes, peppers, berries, watermelon, and too many others to mention.

Whether you gravitate toward modern, retro, farmhouse, rustic or eclectic style, red appliances complement a wide variety of aesthetics and kitchen designs. You can spice up your space with an Elmira Northstar appliance (or two) in Candy Red or an Antique range in Cayenne Red, which will add the perfect pop of color and bring your kitchen to life. This energizing hue could be just the recipe you’ve been looking for, especially if you use your kitchen to host and entertain.

If red isn’t quite your style, consider red’s softer cousin – pink. This inviting hue is romantic and nurturing without being over the top. There is nothing better than enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with that special someone in your kitchen adorned with touches of pink. How about in the winter, walking in the house from the cold weather feeling the warmth from the pink in your kitchen, and making yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate? Pink is soothing and replenishing, and makes a great accent color for any kitchen.

Both red and pink work with a wide range of finishes and colors, allowing you to express your personal style in the kitchen while enjoying a splash of color that will not only brighten your mood but transform your space.

Like colorful appliances, but not a fan of red or pink? In addition to Candy Red, the Northstar line is offered in eight other “not so standard” colors, including Robin’s Egg Blue, Mint Green, Buttercup Yellow, Tropical Blue, Black, White, Bisque and Quicksilver – along with more than 1,000 custom colors. Check out all of our inspiring appliance options.