Elmira Stove Works: 35 Years of Evolution & Innovation

Manufacturer of Vintage Appliances Shares Success Story

ELMIRA, CANADA (April 2011) – Founded in 1975, Elmira Stove Works’ connections to antique appliances date back three and a half decades, supplying parts for wood-burning cookstoves to local Mennonites, and on to manufacturing cookstoves with 19th century styling.  Thirty-five years later, Elmira Stove Works has become the industry’s leading provider of vintage-styled appliances, offering full lines of “circa-1850” and retro 1950s products.

Elmira’s first manufacturing venture was in building wood-burning cookstoves for the local Mennonite and Amish communities. As the business expanded to include cottage and camp owners, many consumers loved the appearance of the cookstoves, but wanted the practicality of gas and electric models. In the early 1980s, Elmira introduced gas and electric models with the same traditional styling, plus all of the modern features of the time.

In the 1990s, Elmira completely re-engineered its line of ranges, introducing models with state-of-the-art features including full-size, self-cleaning convection ovens, electronic controls and high-output burners. As sales grew and the line gained exposure, consumers began asking for other appliances to match their ranges. An “antique” refrigerator was introduced, and microwave ovens, wall ovens and dishwasher panels followed soon thereafter.

Much has changed over the past 35 years, but one thing remains the same: Elmira’s innovation is customer driven. “We are proud to be the industry’s leading provider of high-performance vintage appliances,” stated Tom Hendrick, President of Elmira Stove Works.  “Elmira has always focused directly on the needs of consumers, developing and updating products to meet their changing needs. Using the best ideas and most innovative practices, we have grown with our customers.”

Elmira is constantly upgrading the performance of its products, yet remains committed to maintaining the authenticity and craftsmanship that sets it apart from other manufacturers. Elmira’s products stand alone for state-of-the-art performance, along with old-time elegance and charm.

Elmira became fully ingrained in the 1950s retro appliance category after coming to the realization that retro products were becoming popular, but were not readily available. Elmira developed a ’50s-style retro refrigerator in nine “nifty-50s” colors, including its most popular to this day, Candy Red. The retro refrigerator was a roaring success in the early 2000s but yet again, consumers wanted other products to complement their retro refrigerator. In 2004, Elmira introduced electric and gas ranges with modern features and an original retro look. Today, the Northstar retro line is comprised of the ranges, three models of refrigerators, two range hoods, a microwave, splashbacks, and three models of dishwasher panels.

In 2009, Elmira Stove Works came full-circle with its introduction of the all-new Fireview wood-burning cookstove. The Fireview brings Elmira back to its roots but, in true Elmira style, it incorporates many unique features never before available in wood-burning cookstoves.

All Elmira products are made with North American components and finished in-house, giving Elmira complete quality control. As one of the few appliance manufacturers left in North America, one of Elmira’s biggest challenges is working continually to improve overall product quality. All products are custom built to the order at hand, a reflection of each consumer’s individual taste and cooking style. Elmira does not stock inventory, as every product is built to each customer’s specific desires.­

“We continue to create new, innovative products based on past eras. This takes time and planning. The products we are designing are like fine furniture; the appliances are the focal point of the kitchen, much like the fireplace in a living room,” said Hendrick.

Recently, Hendrick was inducted into the Canadian Kitchen and Bath Hall of Fame as an innovator in the industry.

“Over the past 35 years, we have realized that the more innovative and creative we get with our products – keeping the antique and vintage design image – the better we can serve our customers. It’s not just what we do: it’s who we are,” said Hendrick.

About Elmira Stove Works:

Elmira Stove Works has been manufacturing vintage-styled ranges since 1975, and offers full lines of “circa-1850” and retro 1950s appliances, including ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, wall ovens, range hoods and wood-burning cookstoves. Elmira appliances are sold through dealers across North America. Elmira Stove Works is a privately owned company based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada.

Elmira “Antique” Appliances Bring the Warmth and Tradition of the Past to the Kitchens of Today

Elmira, Canada The warmth and charm to enhance any country, century or Victorian kitchen is the hallmark of the Elmira Stove Works’ antique-style appliances. With careful attention to vintage design, Elmira appliances complete the traditional feel of a “vintage” kitchen, rather than detract from it, as would modern-style black, white or stainless steel appliances.  Elmira appliances feature the latest in cooking technology to ease routine food preparation and meet the high standards of the home chef.

“While most of our customers are attracted to our appliances because of their appearance, we never compromise quality or technology related to how they perform,” says Brian Hendrick, Elmira’s Vice-President.  “Our appliances take the styling of the past and combine it with the technology of today. Antique and century home enthusiasts no longer have to refurbish old appliances or hide modern ones behind façades. The overall kitchen design theme can include the range, ovens, microwave, refrigerator, and even the dishwasher.”

Elmira’s “antique” line includes a customizable collection of ranges, wall ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and matching panels for dishwashers.  Six colors and an endless combination of trims and features provide the capability for the customer to create a one-of-a-kind look that suits their décor and individuality.  “The most popular colors are black or white, with bisque, cayenne, blue and green gaining in popularity,” Hendrick comments. “Also popular are the variety of trims to personalize the final product.  Customers can take the classic, simple approach to style or they can add nickel, brass or copper trim and antique accents. Each piece we create is a unique statement of that customer’s personality.”

Elmira customers are encouraged to build their own “virtual range” on the company’s website to determine what look they want prior to ordering. The viewer can choose the size of stove, color, trim options, fuel source (gas, electric, and combination) and cooking surface they want to view. The site then displays their completed virtual range on the screen for further customization or modification. “Our customers are particular and they know what they want in terms of styling,” Hendrick adds.  “No dealer or catalog can show all of the possibilities we can offer them, so we created an easy-to-use, interactive tool that enables each individual to design the ideal appliance for their home.”

The Elmira line of appliances is sold through dealers across North America. Each custom appliance is delivered fully assembled in approximately six weeks. Elmira Stove Works is a privately owned company based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. For more information or the name of a dealer in your area, visit www.ElmiraStoveWorks.com or call Elmira Stove Works toll-free at 800-295-8498.

‘Tap into Cool’ With Elmira’s New Brew Master Draft System Refrigerator

Elmira Stove Works introduces the new Brew Master draft system to its expanding Northstar refrigerator line. With the Brew Master, consumers can outfit any Northstar refrigerator model, offered in nine vibrant colors, with a factory-installed draft system for continuous use and ice cold draft beer.

Available in three sizes with removable fittings, the Brew Master draft system utilizes full fridge capacity to maximize storage potential. The draft system comes complete with all the necessary accessories, including a through-the-door tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder and drip tray.

“We believe the Brew Master is a suitable and entertaining addition for the consumers who are attracted to our products. We are excited to be able to bring out Elmira’s fun personality in the appliance and allow consumers the luxury of a cold draft beer in the comfort of their own homes,” said Brian Hendrick, vice president of Elmira Stove Works.

The Brew Master can be added to Model 1950, 1951 or 1952 Northstar refrigerators. Shelving can easily be adjusted to allow for a slim ¼ or 1/6 keg in all three models. MSRP price $800, plus the price of the fridge.

The Northstar Collection also offers a complete line of customizable 1950s inspired appliances including ranges, microwaves, dishwasher panels, and hoods. With chrome trim, bright colors and smooth lines, the Northstar line instantly creates a retro transformation, offering a quick and easy remodeling option.

For more information on Elmira’s Brew Master draft system, visit www.elmirastoveworks.com.

Elmira Heats Up with an Advanced Line of Fireview Wood-Burning Cookstoves

Elmira Stove Works offers distinctive, superior quality appliances with its innovative line of Fireview cookstoves. The Fireview is the only wood-burning cookstove to offer a full complement of features, including its trademark Fireview viewing door, high-efficiency burn with secondary air and glass-wash, antique or country styling and optional propane side burners.

“We at Elmira have great confidence in the future of renewable energy, and we think this is an excellent time for us to continue to promote our Fireview cookstoves to a growing market of consumers,” says Brian Hendrick, vice president of Elmira Stove Works.  “We tend to think of modern appliances as having all of the great multi-tasking features, but it is difficult to beat a traditional wood-burning cookstove for a unique design aesthetic and versatility!”

Elmira offers the Fireview in three models, including  a 36 inch wood-burning Model 1840, 48 inch Model 1842-0 with a second warmer on the right and a work surface above, and 48 inch Model 1842-G with second warmer and two 11,000 BTU propane burners on the right side.

With the environment in mind, the one appliance can serve as a high-output room heater, a cooking appliance, a recreational fire-viewing stove and a source of hot water. The Fireview has an optional hot water “jacket” that will produce up to twelve gallons of hot water per hour.

The Fireview door, originally included for aesthetic reasons, also allows the owner to easily monitor the fire without opening the door or losing heat. A large 1.5 cubic foot firebox, combined with the efficiency of the stove, provides up to 60,000 BTU’s of heat, enough to heat a 1,400 to 2,100 square foot space. Additionally, the Fireview’s three cubic feet oven is one of the largest on the market.

For more information on Elmira’s Fireview cookstoves or Antique appliance line, visit www.elmirastoveworks.com.

Keep it Cool With Northstar!

Looking for somewhere icy cold to store your drinks and beer this summer? Keeping them cool, refreshing, and at a moment’s notice ready for the big game, a barbeque or just one of those summer scorchers where nothing provides relief like a tall cold one. Elmira Stove Works provides the answer to the hottest pending question this summer: Model 1951 is the ultimate top mounted beverage fridge for your games room, pool cabana, boathouse or small kitchen.This “cool” fridge provides ample space for your drinks and snacks in 11 cubic feet of storage and is just 62” tall and 24” wide. Retailing for $1,995.00, Model 1951 comes standard with interior light, tall bottle storage, Canstor beverage dispensing system, frost-free operation and adjustable interior shelves. The only thing the ultimate beverage fridge doesn’t arrive complete with is the drinks! Choose any one of the colors making up the Northstar palette, or for a personalized look, custom color your Nortrhstar fridge to support your favorite team, match your motorcycle or boat, or pay tribute toyour school color – the color possibilities are endless!

The Northstar Collection also offers two full sized retro-styled refrigerators and a complete line of 1950’s inspired appliances. Elmira Stove Works has been manufacturing vintage-styled ranges since 1975, and also offers a full line of circa-1850 appliances. The Elmira line of appliances is sold through dealers across North America. Elmira Stove Works is a privately owned company based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada.

For more information, or the name of a dealer in your area, visit ElmiraStoveWorks.com.

Elmira’s Retro-Chic Northstar Line Includes a Versatile Microwave

Elmira Stove Works expands its popular Northstar appliance collection with the multipurpose Northstar Microwave, Model 1953. This retro-stylish microwave oven combination features both convection and grill. With 1,000 watts of power and loaded with a complement of features, the Northstar microwave is the perfect addition to any retro, contemporary or modern kitchen.

“We are excited to feature the Northstar Microwave as a potential add-on to our strong standing line of Northstar appliances,” said Brian Hendrick, vice president of Elmira Stove Works. “With its versatility, features and style, the Northstar Microwave completes any kitchen or entertainment area.”

Designed with convenience in mind, the 1.2 cubic feet Northstar Microwave is a microwave oven, an efficient convection oven and can also be repurposed as a handy grill.

The Northstar Microwave is available in stainless steel or one of Elmira’s stylish ten color choices with custom painting available. Additional features include an instant-on popcorn button, instant-on convenience cooking controls and child lock out safety features.

For more information on the Northstar Microwave, visit www.elmirastoveworks.com.

Elmira’s Northstar Refrigerators Offer the Ultimate in Funtionality and Retro Design

Elmira Stove Works continues its commitment to unique designs coupled with high quality appliances with the Models 1950, 1951 and 1952 refrigerators in the company’s retro Northstar collection. Varying in size, the three refrigerator models supply any home with modern day technology and the perfect size options to meet a growing family’s needs.

“The Northstar collection instantly creates an atmosphere of fun and nostalgia, while also being extremely user-friendly. The Model 1950 and 1952 can serve an everyday kitchen’s storage and cooling needs, and the compact Model 1951 is ideally sized for a garage or extra kitchen for a homeowner’s favorite snacks and beverages,” said Brian Hendrick, vice president of Elmira Stove Works.

The larger models (18.2 for the Model 1952 and 19 cubic feet for the Model 1950) feature “Visi” shelving for easy access, optional ice makers and Energy Star high-efficiency technology. The Model 1951 supplies 11 cubic feet of storage and stands only 62 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Model 1951 comes standard with an interior light, tall bottle storage, Canstor beverage dispensing  system, frost-free operation and adjustable interior shelves.

All units are available in the ten different colors of the Northstar palette, including Candy Red, Buttercup Yellow, Robin’s Egg Blue, Flamingo Pink, Quicksilver, Black, Mint Green, Crushed Orange, Bisque and White. In addition, for a personalized look, customers can customize their Northstar fridge color to meet any interior design or aesthetic needs – including one’s favorite team colors!

The Northstar Collection also offers a complete line of customizable 1950s inspired appliances including microwaves, dishwasher panels, and hoods. With chrome trim, a set of bright colors and smooth lines the Northstar line instantly creates a retro transformation offering a quick and easy remodeling option.

For more information on Elmira’s Northstar refrigerators, visit www.elmirastoveworks.com.

Elmira’s Retro Style Finds a Fitting Home at Steam Whistle Brewing

Northstar Refrigerator Featured in the Prominent Toronto Brewery

Accentuating their retro appeal, Steam Whistle Brewing recently selected an Elmira Northstar fridge to feature in the popular Toronto, Canada brewery. With a name inspired by an icon of the 1950s working class, Steam Whistle has an affinity for retro style, from their brewery location to their delivery trucks.  Elmira Stove Works has been manufacturing vintage-styled appliances in Canada since 1975 and the Elmira Northstar refrigerator was a fitting choice to store Steam Whistle Brewing’s pilsner.

Steam Whistle has always used antique fridges in its brewery, hoping to complete their retro brewery with a vintage refrigerator. However, the compressor systems in antique fridges were not up to date and the fridges were using far too much energy for eco-minded Steam Whistle Brewing. For this reason, Steam Whistle chose the Elmira Northstar.

“The partnership with Elmira Stove Works has been ideal, as Elmira’s Northstar combines the retro imagery we were looking for with better quality and convenience,” commented Greg Taylor, co-owner of Steam Whistle Brewing. “Both companies share a commitment to quality construction and retro appeal, understanding that consumers have an appreciation of hard work and simple pleasures.”

Elmira’s Northstar appliance line offers 1950s inspired appliances, including ranges, microwaves and refrigerators. Available in nine colors as well as a custom color option, the Elmira Northstar refrigerator has been acclaimed by many prominent kitchen designers and cooks as the ultimate in retro kitchen style. With chrome trim, bright colors and smooth lines, the Northstar line instantly creates a retro transformation, offering a quick and easy remodeling option.

Steam Whistle Brewing also chose to custom color match the Elmira Northstar with the celebrated Steam Whistle green. Elmira Stove Works’ custom coloring process produced a “perfect” fridge, with the retro design, modern technology and the exact green hue.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Steam Whistle Brewery on this unique project,” said Brian Hendrick, vice president of Elmira Stove Works.  “The Northstar collection instantly creates an atmosphere of fun and relaxation, and we think it is a great fit with Steam Whistle’s overall approach to business.”

For more information on Elmira’s Northstar refrigerators, visit www.elmirastoveworks.com.

About Steam Whistle Brewing
Steam Whistle, an independent brewery housed in Toronto’s historic John St. Roundhouse, has a singular focus of making just one beer of exceptional quality that Canadians can be proud of. They brew their refreshing Pilsner with traditional brewing methods and only four, natural ingredients. Steam Whistle Pilsner is packaged in signature green glass bottles, cans and draught, and is shipped fresh across Ontario, Alberta and more recently BC to Beer and Liquor Stores as well as licensed bars and restaurants. Steam Whistle welcomes more than 95,000 visitors to the brewery each year to the on-site retail store, for a tour, or to attend one of the many on-site events and art shows. Highly awarded for its premium beer, its business success, community support and environmental practices, Steam Whistle Pilsner is now one of the top selling premium beer brands in Ontario.