Turn your recreation room into the ‘coolest space on the block’ with a retro fridge with draft beer system

When the neighborhood bar scene gets old. When your bar buddies are looking for a place to gather. When the big game is on. You turbo charge your man cave or recreation room by adding a retro fridge with a draft beer system. All of a sudden, yours is the ultimate gathering place for the guys to gather and root for your favorite team.

Most people have pretty much the same basement setup. Flat screens. Couches. Maybe even a bar area. But what gives your place the ultimate edge is your keg fridge — with its exciting mid-century modern aesthetic and factory-installed draft beer system. Although this fridge almost sells itself, let’s run down some of the benefits of this unique addition to any serious beer lover’s play area.

1952_BREWCRWe start with the keg fridge, in all its
retro glory

The fridge itself — even without the draft beer system — is the pinnacle of coolness. These Northstar models are uniquely appointed with the smooth lines and dangerous curves that have given Northstar its reputation for being a cut above the rest.

There are six models available in nine standard colors, or match your team’s colors with an unlimited selection of custom colors.

We move to the draft beer system, with cold ones on tap

So, great, you have your fridge… But it isn’t long before having to open the door to grab your cold beers gets a bit old. And then you have to get the cap off the beer or flip the tab. It’s so much work, and you’ve got a game to focus on! Wouldn’t it be great if you had a draft system that lets you draw your beer just like at your favorite neighborhood watering hole? Well, now you can.

Say “hello” to the Northstar fridge with a factory-installed draft beer system. It comes complete with all the necessary accessories, including:

  • Through-the-door tap dispenser
  • Retro flame splashback
  • Drip tray
  • Coupler & connections
  • CO2 cylinder
  • Just add beer!

The real benefits for those who need more convincing

If a retro-cool refrigerator with draft beer system isn’t enough to get you to pull out your bank card and order right now, we thought perhaps we’d make a short list of some real benefits of adding the Northstar and BrewMaster teams to your man cave, recreation room or finished basement.

Elmira Stove Works - Northstar Model 1950 Keg Fridge - Black.jpg

The envy factor. One look at your game-day setup and your buddies will definitely want to hang out with you — heck, they might even want to be you (on game days, that is).

The safety factor. No more trying to navigate your way home on the roads from the neighborhood bar after a few cold ones — just walk upstairs to your bedroom when the game is over – and leave your buddies on the couch!

The spouse factor. If you decide to have a couple of beers after work, your spouse won’t have to look for you or go too far to find you.

The babysitter factor. For those beer lovers with kids, you won’t have to get a babysitter the next time you have a sudden urge to watch the game, eat wings and drink beer.

Elmira combines the ultra hip Northstar fridge with a factory-installed BrewMaster draft system. We’re ready to help you make your buddies jealous the instant they enter your recreation room… with the ultimate keg fridge.


8 ultimate man cave ideas to transform any space into an official March Madness headquarters

So, you’ve decided to host this year’s March Madness party. Your wife gave you a strict warning about greasy chicken wing stains on her living room carpet. The only viable alternative? Turn your basement or bonus room into the ultimate man cave. You’re on a tight time frame and a strict budget but, if you don’t get it all done in time for this year’s games, you’ll have a great head start for next year.

Inviting spaces + quirky furnishings = serious man cave

The true man cave is a statement of your own personality and style. It’s the one room in the home, other than maybe the dog house occasionally! – that a guy can call his own. From furniture to appliances, this space is a reflection of the man who calls it his home inside his home.

When it comes to design and layout, the ultimate man cave is serious business. You build your  man’s reputation with the creation of spaces and unique features that entertain, amuse and energize.

Here are 8 tips to help you get it done!

And now, without further ado — let’s get on with the list

  1. Choosing the right theme. Sports bar? Mountain or outdoor? Card/pool parlor? Beach club? Race track? The ultimate man cave features a prominent theme that guides the look and feel of appliances and furniture. The theme reflects the hobbies and interests of the host.
  2. TV/viewing arrangement. The TV is the very heart of the ultimate man cave. Select a respectable flat screen (may we suggest that bigger is definitely better?) and then create an optimal viewing arrangement of couches, and recliners in a semi-circular or theater-type configuration. If you can score some vintage seats from a local arena refurb or demolition, all the better.
  3. Video gaming stations. During the course of the March Madness evening, a video game tourney will most likely break out. Set your auxiliary TV in an area away from — but close to — the main viewing area. Keep the gamers out of the line of site (“Hey, sit down!”), but still part of the action.
  4. Bar / beverage area. The service area holds infinite opportunity for personalization. Mini-bars come in wood, steel, or concrete designs — and are always stocked with an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and the necessary “accoutrements” (you know, “accoutrements” – a fancy French word for pizza, wings, tacos, etc.).
  5. Table gaming stations. Bragging rights during breaks in the March Madness tournament are vigorously exchanged. Set aside an area for various gaming tables — billiards, cards, air hockey, etc. You can also throw down an interior golf putting green for the golf fanatics in your crowd.
  6. Unique appliances for refreshments. Think specialty refrigerators for that keg in your life. And, a retro microwave is perfect for reheating cold pizza leftover from the day before. Not that leftover pizza needs reheating.
  7. Man-inspired decorations. Extend the man cave theme with a selection of manly wall decor and lighting options. From framed athletic jerseys and autographed prints to cinder block bookshelves, there is a wide array of DIY decorating ideas that take little more than some basic materials and inspiration to create.
  8. Bathroom amenities. Nothing interrupts a great March Madness game like the call of nature. Installing a bathroom nearby keeps those interruptions to a minimum—particularly if there is a great deal of eating or drinking involved in the festivities.

Follow this guide step-by-step—or use it to inspire your own man cave creations. Either way, you’ll have your friends talking about your March Madness get-together long after the glow of the party has worn off.

Elmira is your one-stop shop for the must-have appliances to outfit your ultimate man cave. From keg fridges to retro microwaves to woodburning cookstoves, we offer a unique line of specialty appliances that are as functional as they are remarkable, to leave a lasting impression on your March Madness guests.


Elmira’s Northstar Beer Fridge. Made for Canadians, by Canadians.

1949_Leaf_Ver1There’s been a lot of talk about patriotic red fridges and Canadian beer lately. And you know what? We’re totally on board. In fact, that’s exactly why we created our Candy Red Northstar Keg Fridge so many years ago.  It comes with a factory-installed 1951-BREW BrewMaster system to optimize your beer-drinking experience.

We believe you should be able to have the retro Elmira Northstar fridge look you love with the added convenience of a keg tap dispenser right on the front.

It’s perfect for hockey game days, boys’ night, or even just a post-work pint to finish off a long day.

And with the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics right around the corner, this fridge is the perfect way to bring a little Team Canada spirit into your home.

That’s the best part about this fridge – it’s 100% Canadian. In fact, Elmira has been designing and manufacturing appliances in Elmira, Ontario since 1975.1952_Tap_Reda Talk about true Canadian craftsmanship!

So while you’re cheering on Team Canada in Sochi, make sure your fridge is full, your keg is cold, and your tap is ready.  Remember, true Canadian beer belongs in a Canadian Elmira Northstar Keg Fridge.

Elmira Stove Works’ Brew Master Strikes Again in Qualified Remodeler

Elmira Stove Works’ Brew Master draft system is a new addition to its Northstar Refrigerator line. Available in three sizes with removable fittings, the system can be added to Model 1950,1951 or 1952. It comes with a through-the-door tap dispenser, Read more

‘Tap into Cool’ With Elmira’s New Brew Master Draft System Refrigerator

Elmira Stove Works introduces the new Brew Master draft system to its expanding Northstar refrigerator line. With the Brew Master, consumers can outfit any Northstar refrigerator model, offered in nine vibrant colors, with a factory-installed draft system for continuous use and ice cold draft beer.

Available in three sizes with removable fittings, the Brew Master draft system utilizes full fridge capacity to maximize storage potential. The draft system comes complete with all the necessary accessories, including a through-the-door tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder and drip tray.

“We believe the Brew Master is a suitable and entertaining addition for the consumers who are attracted to our products. We are excited to be able to bring out Elmira’s fun personality in the appliance and allow consumers the luxury of a cold draft beer in the comfort of their own homes,” said Brian Hendrick, vice president of Elmira Stove Works.

The Brew Master can be added to Model 1950, 1951 or 1952 Northstar refrigerators. Shelving can easily be adjusted to allow for a slim ¼ or 1/6 keg in all three models. MSRP price $800, plus the price of the fridge.

The Northstar Collection also offers a complete line of customizable 1950s inspired appliances including ranges, microwaves, dishwasher panels, and hoods. With chrome trim, bright colors and smooth lines, the Northstar line instantly creates a retro transformation, offering a quick and easy remodeling option.

For more information on Elmira’s Brew Master draft system, visit www.elmirastoveworks.com.