Bring your dream kitchen to life with the fresh colours, chrome accents, and elegant curves of a bygone era. Modern features from the Northstar Collection will expand your kitchen’s performance – sealed gas burners, convection ovens, LED fridge lighting, filtered water dispensers and more. Transform the idea of kitchen with iconic style from yesteryear; ideal for midcentury modern, coastal design, contemporary, and inspired craftsmen interiors.

With mid-century flair on display at its finest,  Northstar self-cleaning pro-style ranges delight with calm curves and chrome details integrated with the must-have capabilities of the modern-day kitchen. Retro-style dials control the LED clock, and a smooth ceramic top provides an additional option to consider along with sealed gas burners.

Elongated chrome handles add to the streamlined look of Northstar Refrigerators, exuding a polished and slick style aesthetic for your kitchen. A wide selection of freezer/fridge organizational options promotes convenience and serves as a quick reminder that these refrigerators feature the top-notch cooling capabilities attributed to modern innovation.

Accomplish coordination throughout your kitchen with Northstar dishwashers or dishwasher panels, which feature the key design components of the entire Northstar Collection. In addition to offering fully integrated Northstar dishwashers, dishwasher panels are also available, merging the signature Northstar style with a compatible fully-integrated panel-ready dishwasher of your choice


Beauty stems from simplicity when it comes to the design elements of the Northstar Microwaves. From the popcorn button to features like 30-second heating, this modern microwave delivers power and convenience to today’s busy kitchen. Clean lines and a clear-cut control panel place an artistic focus on the essential elements, keeping the overall design consistent with the recognizable flair of the Northstar Collection.


Reflecting light beautifully, Northstar Hoods feature a gentle curvature emphasized by distinct edges, with multiple vent styles available. For amplified cohesion, Northstar Splashbacks provide an extensive visual backdrop for enhanced color consistency. Modest chrome details on both fixtures clinch the look and add to the themed approach and focused aesthetic.


Flaunting the signature style of this line, Northstar Keg Fridges feature a fully functioning BrewMaster draft system fit with a glossy chrome tap handle, reserving valuable fridge space to stash cold items, if desired. With chilled beverages on tap, pouring drinks becomes an easy art.
Go to the Northstar Fridges page for details on specific fridge models. Call Elmira Stove Works at 800-295-8498 for pricing and details.
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