From modest beginnings in a chicken barn converted into a small production floor, Elmira Stove Works turned honest hard work, integrity and ingenuity into an international reputation for unmatched customization, style, and colour with homeowners and kitchen designers.

Growing up around his family’s hardware store in Ontario, founder Tom Hendrick recognized the universal appeal of the classic woodburning cookstove, which his father had supplied to local Mennonites for years. The cookstove’s classic form and practicality inspired Tom to make this unique product more accessible, offering it to the local market – and beyond.

Adding to the classic cookstove, Elmira expanded its line of heirloom-inspired pieces that now make up the Heritage Collection. Elmira’s next steps focused on a retro revolution by adding mid-century appliances to its lineup. The Northstar Collection was an instant hit with younger generations, discovering retro-style flair had its own place to flourish in the new millennium.

In 2022, Elmira Stove Works was acquired by Plaintree Systems Inc., an exceptionally diversified company, with proprietary technology and manufacturing capabilities in structural design, aerospace, telecommunications. Plaintree’s manufacturing capacity and focus on quality will allow Elmira to continue to grow for years to come.

Coincidentally, Plaintree’s Arnprior location is just minutes from Carleton Place, Ontario, where the Elmira legacy began in 1975 with Tom Hendrick’s acquisition of the rights to the Findlay Oval antique cookstove!

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