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Triangle Kitchen Design: Explained

The Triangle design is a type of kitchen layout that strives to empower efficiency between the stove, sink and refrigerator. Lean more about this design ...
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Blue And White Colour Setup

Blue Kitchens: A Design Guide

Blue is a great kitchen color option. Learn the best shades for a blue kitchen, and ways you can add this pop of color into ...
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Induction stove top

Induction Stoves: A Complete Guide

In the ever-evolving landscape of kitchen appliances, induction stoves have emerged as a revolutionary technology, offering efficiency, precision, and safety unmatched by traditional cooking methods. ...
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Santa Fe architecture style

Santa Fe Kitchens: A Guide

Santa Fe design is perfect for warm cozy spaces. Here's how you can build those vibes in your kitchen.
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colorful kitchen

 A Modern Retro Kitchen: Unique Appliances with a Retro Feel

Stepping into the past can be appealing for many reasons. In the kitchen especially, we can be drawn into the retro trends of bright colors, ...
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70's kitchen aesthetic

Step Back in Time: Designing a 70’s Inspired Kitchen

The 1970s were all about being free, feeling groovy, and cooking in eclectic kitchens. Today, the modern 70's take on kitchen design is more popular ...
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Kitchen Design

Stove Ovens vs Wall Ovens: Everything You Need To Know

An oven is an oven. But a wall oven versus a traditional stove oven can change the feel and flow of your kitchen. Learn about ...
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Winter camp with a cookstove or wood burning stove

Camp and Lodge Cookstoves: Why Wood Burning Is the Perfect Choice

The snow is falling. The stars are shining bright. When you picture yourself at a cozy cottage or ski lodge, what  is one thing that ...
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retro kitchen appliances northstar kitchen from elmira stove work/s

Retro Kitchen Appliances

Let’s go back in time to when candy-red appliances, chocolate milkshakes and neon kitchen walls were all the rage. Retro kitchens are making a comeback—and ...
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Heritage Wall Ovens

Kitchen Appliance Trims: Copper, Chrome, and Brushed Nickel

In the world of kitchen design, every detail matters. One element that often gets overlooked — but can make a significant difference in your kitchen— ...
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Fireview 1840

Wood Burning Stoves: Everything You Need To Know

In the age of modern technology, there’s something deeply appealing about returning to the roots of traditional cooking. It’s something we’re craving in many aspects ...
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Bisque northstar fridge from Elmria Stove Works in designer Kaley Cutting's kitchen

The Little White Farmhouse & Elmira Stove Works: Designer Spotlight

Kaley Cutting — a lover of all things antique, thrifted, and farmhouse-esque — shares her kitchen remodel and love for her new Northstar refrigerator. For ...
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