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Step Back in Time: Designing a 70’s Inspired Kitchen

In the fast-paced world of modern design, there’s a growing fascination with the past. Join us as we explore the charm and uniqueness of a 1970s-inspired kitchen, a journey back to an era defined by bold colors, eclectic patterns, and a sense of free-spirited creativity.

What Makes a 1970s Kitchen Unique?

The 1970s kitchen is a vibrant tapestry of design elements that set it apart. Characterized by a departure from the minimalism of the previous decade, it embraced boldness. Avocado green, harvest gold, and earthy tones took center stage. Geometric patterns and eclectic decor pieces became the norm, giving kitchens a lively and dynamic feel. The 1970s were all about breaking the rules and embracing individuality.

70's kitchen with yellow accents

1970’s Kitchen Color Palette

Step into a 1970s kitchen and you’ll be greeted by a burst of color that defines the era. Colors were found in wall paint, in appliances, accessories and decor pieces, table and chair colors, and everywhere else. The best 70’s kitchens had a little bit of a each of these colors as a complementary palette of retro colors. 

Just look at the kitchen from the hit show, That 70’s show: Green chairs, patterned walls, earthy tiles, retro brown fridge and orange accents.

That 70s Show TV still
A still from That 70’s Show.

These are the top colors for a 70’s inspired kitchen. 

Avocado green

This green isn’t the deep or rich forest greens we see in more modern designs. Avocado green has a yellow undertone that puts it in line with the browns and golds in the 70’s kitchen palette. It’s a bold color that does help to warm up the space when used properly.

Harvest gold

A warm but muted yellow, this gold should resemble the color of wheat or corn. This gold is the epitome of 70’s nostalgia. It pairs well with bold colors like the avocado green, but also with the muted earthy browns and oranges, making it a great accent piece in kitchen decor.  

Groovy orange

This bright and bold color was the “pop” that every 70’s house wanted in their kitchen. It’s the perfect piece to symbolize the groovy, lively and playful vibes of the 1970’s. 

Earthy browns

These brown tones help to tie the entire palette together. Instead of white or gray, browns were the neutral background to everything else in the kitchen. Cupboards, large appliances like refrigerators, or flooring often had early browns. 

A modern 70’s Color Palette

While these colors were trendy in the 70’s, kitchens inspired by the era can take the concepts behind them and add a modern touch. For example, the bold bright pop of color often added with oranges or greens can be swapped out for reds or blues. Candy red refrigerators, mint green stoves, or even a retry-styled microwave in a sleek black help to blend the old and the new.

Decor Pieces for a 1970s Kitchen

To truly capture the essence of a 1970s kitchen, it’s not just about colors or appliances. Your decor really makes it. 

If you’re building your own 1970’s kitchen—maybe with a modern touch—consider adding shag rugs, macrame pant hangers, or wall art to add some textures and personality to the space. It’s about creating an environment that reflects the free-spirited nature of the time.

70’s Cabinets

Cabinetry in a 1970s kitchen often featured wood tones and textured finishes. Darker wood was popular and paneling was used to add depth and interest. Combining bold colors with wooden elements created a balanced and visually appealing look. (Think back to the brown base for colors.) Open shelving was another trend, allowing homeowners to display colorful and eclectic dishware.

70s kitchen with dark wood cabinets and yellow counters

For a 70’s kitchen vibe today, you can look for modern ways to incorporate these trends into your space. Open shelving for part of your kitchen, or wood cabinets can help your space feel more retro in a subtle way.

Appliances in a 1970s Kitchen

Iconic appliances from the 1970s have become synonymous with the era.

Avocado green refrigerators, harvest gold ovens, and earth-toned dishwashers were staples in many households. Today, companies like Elmira Stove Works offer modern appliances with a retro flair, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic without sacrificing functionality. These appliances bring the best of both worlds, combining vintage charm with contemporary efficiency.

Shopping for 1970s-Inspired Appliances

Bringing the 1970s into your kitchen doesn’t mean sacrificing modern convenience. Explore the appliances from Elmira Stove Works that are built to look nostalgic while functioning with current technology. Whether you’re in the market for a vintage-style refrigerator or a wall oven with a nostalgic touch, Elmira can help you out. 

Vintage and modern 70s style refrigerators

Grooving and Cooking: Living Free in a 70’s Inspired Kitchen

Creating a 1970s-inspired kitchen is about embracing nostalgia while infusing your personality into the space. Mix and match colors, experiment with decor pieces, and select appliances that resonate with your style. There are no strict rules – it’s about capturing the free-spirited and eclectic vibe of the era in a way that feels authentic to you.

As you embark on the journey of building your own 1970s-inspired kitchen, remember that it’s more than a design choice; it’s a celebration of an era that dared to be different. 

Whether you go all-in with avocado green appliances or subtly incorporate retro elements with signature appliances, let your kitchen tell a story of a time when boldness and individuality were celebrated. Step back in time, and let the vibrant spirit of the 1970s come alive in your own culinary haven.

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