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 A Modern Retro Kitchen: Unique Appliances with a Retro Feel

Stepping into the past can be appealing for many reasons. In the kitchen especially, we can be drawn into the retro trends of bright colors, eclectic designs, and the memories they bring up. The 60s and 70s, and even older, can feel like simpler times. Who wouldn’t want to bring some of that into their home? 

One of the best ways to incorporate a retro vibe in your kitchen is with a modern vintage kitchen appliance. In this blog, we’re diving into the concept of “modern vintage”, what this means, and why shopping for modern appliances is so important. 

Modern Vintage: What It Means

The style concept of merging old aesthetics with modern ones is growing. 

The 70’s, for example, is a style that is coming back strongly. But, traditional 70’s styling can look  old and dated. Instead, people are taking aspects of the 70’s style – colors, patterns, etc – and adapting it to meet a more modern style. The end result is a modern 70’s kitchen that feels groovy and eclectic, but still very stylish. 

Retro-looking kitchen appliances offer a bridge between the past and present, infusing your kitchen with a sense of nostalgia while providing the latest technological advancements. The appeal lies in their timeless design, capturing the classic lines and colors of bygone eras. These appliances add character and personality to your space, turning the kitchen into a focal point of style and functionality.

Why We Need the Modern Touch 

While antique appliances carry historical charm, modern new-old appliances provide the best of both worlds. They offer the vintage aesthetics you love without compromising on efficiency or safety. 

New-old appliances from reputable suppliers like Elmira Stove Works undergo rigorous testing, ensuring they meet modern standards while preserving the retro allure. This modern approach ensures reliability and longevity, eliminating the uncertainties that can come with antique appliances, all while keeping the look of the appliance meeting the “antique” or “retro” expectations you may have. 

The Impact of a Modern Retro Refrigerator: A Case Study

One great example of the impact of a modern-retro appliance is from The Little White Farmhouse

Designer Kaley Cutting loves all things antique and thrifted. She’s been redoing her farmhouse and chose a modern white refrigerator with a vintage look: A Northstar fridge by Elmira Stove Works.

Bisque northstar fridge from Elmria Stove Works in designer Kaley Cutting's kitchen

“I’ve always wanted a vintage kitchen appliance, and Elmira immediately jumped out to me. 

Elmira’s pieces perfectly combine the look and feel of vintage with the modern features everyone loves. I have a beautiful fridge now that fits into the vibe of my space, but it is still energy efficient and has a  ice maker and other modern touches.”

Kaley’s approach is exactly why we love a modern-retro vibe. You get the look you want with the modern benefits of today’s kitchen appliance technology. 

Read more about her kitchen here

The Retro Modern Kitchen Appliance: Best of Both Worlds

Embrace the retro revival in your kitchen with modern appliances that echo the past with the benefits of the present. Whether you’re drawn to the iconic colors of mid-century design or the charm of vintage silhouettes, modern-retro appliances from Elmira Stove Works offer a unique blend of style and functionality. Design a kitchen that transcends time, where every appliance tells a story of nostalgia and innovation.

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