So Pinteresting!

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We at Elmira Stoveworks are very active social media users, and love learning about new growing trends. Our favorite trend over the past year is Pinterest, now the third most popular social media site in the United States, only behind Facebook and Twitter. Why are we so excited about Pinterest? This site, boasting 13 million users, has allowed us to further connect with our fans as well as given us a place to share our love for all things retro, kitchen designs featuring our products, and things that inspire us, all in one place.

If you aren’t familiar with the new phenomenon, here is how it works. Users who sign up for the site are able to create ‘pin boards,’ much like bulletin boards, where they can post ‘pins.’ Pins are links, which show up as pictures, articles, ideas, videos, and products. Other users are then able to repost these pins to their own boards. Another important component is the “follow” feature. This aspect is similar to Twitter or Facebook, where users can see what others have posted, comment and share as long as they have been connected on the site.

Why has Pinterest become so popular? The average user spends over an hour and a quarter daily on the site. By “pinning,” users can expect to find thousands upon thousands of easy DIY projects, home décor ideas, recipes, fashion, products, to name a few.  Additionally, the site allows users to see what interests their followers and those who follow them have.  Connecting users based on similar interests is the back bone of this social phenomenon. We especially love connecting with users who like retro and antique kitchens featuring Elmira products.

We would love to share our ideas and also be inspired by yours. Follow our boards on Pinterest at and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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