Elmira’s Northstar Beer Fridge. Made for Canadians, by Canadians.

1949 leaf Refrigerator

There’s been a lot of talk about patriotic red fridges and Canadian beer lately. And you know what? We’re totally on board. In fact, that’s exactly why we created our Candy Red Northstar Keg Fridge so many years ago.  It comes with a factory-installed 1951-BREW BrewMaster system to optimize your beer-drinking experience.

We believe you should be able to have the retro Elmira Northstar fridge look you love with the added convenience of a keg tap dispenser right on the front.

It’s perfect for hockey game days, boys’ night, or even just a post-work pint to finish off a long day.

And with the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics right around the corner, this fridge is the perfect way to bring a little Team Canada spirit into your home.

That’s the best part about this fridge – it’s 100% Canadian. In fact, Elmira has been designing and manufacturing appliances in Elmira, Ontario since 1975. Talk about true Canadian craftsmanship!

1952 Red Fridge

So while you’re cheering on Team Canada in Sochi, make sure your fridge is full, your keg is cold, and your tap is ready.  Remember, true Canadian beer belongs in a Canadian Elmira Northstar Keg Fridge.

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