Pastels…for Easter Eggs and the Fridge You Keep Them In! DIY Pastel Eggs

elmira Easterpastel

With Spring in full bloom, pastels are everywhere you look! From Easter eggs to fresh-budding flora, we’re reminded that the cold and dreary winter is past. There’s nothing like a little color to brighten your mood, and your home! Bring a little of that Spring cheer into the kitchen with one of our vintage-inspired pastel Northstar appliances-in pastel colors. Check out our fun DIY for pastel egg coloring, and tasty deviled eggs!

Here’s a fun DIY project that will get you in the mood for spring; Pastel Eggs.  First, you can get creative and dye eggs in some fun colors, then turn them into edible snacks for your family and friends. Use the traditional method of dying eggs, but save your colors, because not only can you dye the shell of the eggs, you can dye the hardboiled egg whites, whip up the yolks with some mayo, and you’ve got fun colored deviled eggs!

Here’s how:

  • Hard boil eggs for 10 minutes using your Elmira stove!
  • Use mugs, small bowls or cups as the “dye bath” for the eggs
  • Add a few drops of food coloring to water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in each dye bath
  • Using a spoon, gently dunk the eggs into the dye baths, mixing colors as you wish
  • Let the dyed eggs dry and store in your Elmira refrigerator

Follow the directions on our April Retro Recipe to make delicious pastel deviled eggs by re-using the dye bath from your colored eggs!

Pastel Deviled Eggs

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