We’re Ready for Halloween Year-Round!

At Elmira Stove Works, we’ve been dressing up appliances for forty-one years, and we just love building brand new appliances that look old. So in the (pardon the pun) “spirit” of the season, here are a few of the fully-modern appliances we hide behind amazing vintage-inspired facades.  There are a few tricks in these kitchen treats!

Grandma’s Antique Woodburning Cookstove?

1865st Copper Hero

You might think so, with those ornate castings, faux fire door on the left, the “ash catch” underneath, and the warming cabinet above.

Gotchya! Take a closer look. Behind the false doors is a full-sized self-cleaning convection oven. The “warming closet” conceals feather-touch electronic controls, a powerful exhaust fan, and lighting for the cooking surface. The cooktop features four sealed gas burners – from 8,000 to 15,000 BTU’s; along with two high-speed radiant electric elements on the right.

Yes, the “costume” might look like grandma’s cookstove, but it’s all high-performance twenty-first century technology underneath!


A Fifties Retro Fridge?

Well, it sure looks like it, with the Chevy Biscayne or Ford Thunderbird Robin’s Egg Blue paint job, chrome trim, rounded corners, double doors, and compressor on the bottom, right?

Not so fast! It’s actually a brand new 25 cubic foot French door fridge. Up top, you’ll find 17.8 cubic feet of fresh food capacity, a full-width pantry drawer, Visi-shelving, and a filtered water dispenser. Down below where the compressor and motor used to be? That’s a 7 ½ cubic foot self-defrosting freezer, complete with an automatic ice maker. No need to chip the frost out of this fridge once a month.

1958 Open Refrigerator

And to really get you into the Halloween spirit, how about…

“The Grim Reaper” 

fridge Angle Good

This killer chiller might be more at home in the man cave than the kitchen. Highly detailed flames and skulls are so three-dimensional and realistic that you can almost hear the flames roar and the skulls cackle!

Elmira teamed up with Studio Uneek to create unique airbrushed designs on our Northstar Model 1952 refrigerator. This new initiative is the best way to add a personal touch because no one else will have your design. We can even incorporate a photo of you on your hotrod or motorcycle into the airbrushing.

Smokin’ hot on the outside; totally cool inside.

Beyond just being eye-catching, choosing Elmira appliances means being able to have confidence that whatever appliances you choose will be not only beautiful, but also trustworthy, and built to last.

Happy Halloween!

For more information about Elmira Stove Works, visit www.elmirastoveworks.com.

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