What’s Old is New….and Green Too!

1840 Black Nickel Skirt Nickel legs

In our current world of high technology and fancy cutting-edge solutions, it can be easy to forget about the simpler joys in life. With fall slowly creeping in, it is the perfect time to sit back and enjoy some of the small comforts that come with colder weather…like the warmth of a wood-burning cookstove.

Despite the overabundance of modern features on today’s gas and electric ranges, the wood-burning cookstove has become relevant again with the trend of going green. With the environment in mind, wood-burning cookstoves can serve not only as a heating source, but as a cooking source, a recreational fire-viewing stove and a source of hot water. Don’t forget the added perk of a lower gas bill!

This is why Elmira Stove Works’ choose to create the Fireview Wood-Burning Cookstove, which provides functionality with character. There is no sacrifice of style and no guilt of using non-renewable fuel to generate heat in the cottage, cabin, ski chalet or even main home. Elmira has great confidence in the future of renewable energy and the Fireview a perfect match for the latest “go green” trends.

Elmira offers the Fireview in three models, including  a 36 inch wood-burning Model 1840, 48 inch Model 1842-0 with a second warmer on the right and a work surface above, and 48 inch Model 1842-G with second warmer and two 11,000 BTU propane burners on the right side. It even has optional hot water “jackets” that will produce up to ten gallons of hot household water per hour.

So as the fall leaves begin to settle in, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and enjoy the comforts of the wood-burning cookstove. It’s the perfect way to add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen while capturing the charm of the simpler times of the past.

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