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Midcentury Modern Kitchens: 5 Ideas For Your Home

The Midcentury Movement

The midcentury modern movement took hold in post-World War II in response to a newly established economy and a boom in the suburban, middle-class housing market. Construction of new homes included lower, flat rooflines, while materials were more basic and pricing was accessible.

What is Midcentury Modern Design?

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Modern design with a futuristic, contemporary feel.
Functional and unique.
Midcentury modern style.

Your Kitchen at Centre Stage

Your kitchen is where the magic happens in your home. That is, it’s the place where you bring your family together to break bread, and celebrate the moments in life that matter most. Beyond that, your kitchen aids to the flow of the other rooms of the house creating synergistic vibes throughout.

5 Midcentury Modern Kitchen Ideas

1. Bring Nature Indoors.

The addition of an earthy-based colour palette makes the room feel natural and warm while softening up harsher lines in the aesthetic of the home.

2. Add a Pop of Colour.

For a true midcentury modern vibe, add a pop of bold colour to your kitchen. Our favourite, not surprisingly we love a pop of colour and believe in bringing the iconic styles from yesteryear into homes.

3. Go Bold with Kitchen Hardware.

It’s the little things that can really bring a kitchen together. We are a fan of minimalist but impactful changes like adding semicircular knobs, textured wood, and matte finishes that bring the midcentury modern flair together.

4. Go for Cheeky Contrast.

Shapes, colors and matte finishes make a quintessentially midcentury modern kitchen a great fit for any color fanatic. For a midcentury modern color palette, we love warm neutrals with a signature spike of red.

5. Cook Like a Chef.

Modern features from the Elmira Stove Works Northstar appliance collection will expand your kitchen’s performance thanks to sealed gas burners, convection ovens, LED fridge lighting, filtered water dispensers and more.

Elmira Northstar Appliances


Our Canadian-made appliances focus on bringing the best in performance together with timeless style and unique design. Bring your dream kitchen to life with the fresh colours, chrome accents, and elegant curves of a bygone era – found only in the Elmira Northstar Collection.

Our customers oooh and aaahhh over the elegant design and punchy colours including Robin’s Egg Blue, Buttercup Yellow and Candy Red – great options for a midcentury modern-style kitchen.

Our personalized options and customizable features have made our Northstar collection our most popular and in demand for good reason. Ready to build your mid-century modern kitchen? Start shopping online at elmirastoveworks.com.

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