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True North American Craftsmanship

From modest beginnings in a chicken barn converted into a small production floor, Elmira Stove Works turned honest hard work, integrity and ingenuity into an international reputation for unmatched customization, style, and colour with homeowners and kitchen designers.

Growing up around his family’s hardware store in Ontario, founder Tom Hendrick recognized the universal appeal of the classic woodburning cookstove, which his father had supplied to local Mennonites for years. The cookstove’s classic form and practicality inspired Tom to make this unique product more accessible, offering it to the local market – and beyond.

Adding to the classic cookstove, Elmira expanded its line of heirloom-inspired pieces that now make up the Heritage Collection. Elmira’s next steps focused on a retro revolution by adding mid-century appliances to its lineup. The Northstar Collection was an instant hit with younger generations, discovering retro-style flair had its own place to flourish in the new millennium.

In 2022, Elmira Stove Works was acquired by Plaintree Systems Inc., an exceptionally diversified company, with proprietary technology and manufacturing capabilities in structural design, aerospace, telecommunications. Elmira’s new CEO David Watson is taking the lead on next steps with the company and bringing Elmira’s products to an even wider audience. Plaintree’s manufacturing capacity and focus on quality will allow Elmira to continue to grow for years to come. Coincidentally, Plaintree’s Arnprior location is just minutes from Carleton Place, Ontario, where the Elmira legacy began in 1975 with Tom Hendrick’s acquisition of the rights to the Findlay Oval antique cookstove! 

Custom kitchen appliances meets a personalized sales experience

At Elmira Stove Works, customization of your appliance goes hand in hand with a personalized sales experience. The goal? To make sure your kitchen appliance arrives exactly as you dream it to be. All our appliances are handmade with love, attention to detail and with you top of mind from beginning to end. 

We were founded from humble beginnings and take pride in the experience our customers get when ordering their kitchen appliances from us. So, if a custom kitchen appliance is what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place.

What is a custom kitchen appliance?

A custom kitchen appliance is what it sounds like: a stove, fridge, microwave, dishwasher or oven that is available in the way you want it. This extends to Canadian quality and hand craftsmanship, customization of detailing of trim, door handling, colour expertise through three generations, and more. We pair modern performance and convenience with
our unmistakable kitchen collections.


Personalization for us is not only about tailoring the product to you as you are, but keeping you as a person as a priority during the sales experience. Our team cares about what you care about. You’re not just a number that comes through on an order form. 

We merge these two pieces together from ordering to production and shipping. 

Elmira Stove Works Custom Appliance Options

There are two questions we often get asked when it comes to customization:

  1. What appliances can I customize?
  2. How customizable are they?

What custom appliances are available at Elmira Stove Works?

For custom appliances, we’ve got you covered for your entire kitchen space. Our custom appliances include:

  • Retro fridges 
  • Retro stoves
  • Colorful kitchen appliances
  • Antique wood cook ovens
  • Antique and retro-looking dishwashers
  • Retro and antique microwaves
  • Retro hoods and splashbacks

Our Collections

Our collections of appliances are perfect for personalized kitchens with that touch of customization. We select our brands for their unique look, top-quality features and modern applications. Heritage, Northstar and Fireview appliances fit for every kitchen, no matter your vibe.

Heritage Appliances

Heritage appliances are built to look like period pieces with the high quality touch of modern technology. They’re perfect for Victorian-Chic decor, modern farmhouse or a rural cabin-inspired kitchen oasis. 

Heritage kitchen

These appliances may look old fashioned, but their capabilities could not be more top-of-the–line. Cook the meal of your dreams with dual-fuel cooking, six-burner cooktops and convection wall ovens. French-door style fridges hold everything you need with LED lighting so you never miss an ingredient. 

Heritage appliances include microwaves, ovens, fridges, dishwashers and ranges. 

Northstar Appliances

The elegant curves, pop of colour and chrome accents of Northstar Appliances will transport you back to a time when quality reigned supreme. These appliances merge modern with traditional in a way that’s just not done anywhere else. With sealed gas burners, convection ovens, LED fridge lighting, filtered water dispensers and many other state of the art features, you don’t have to forgo the expectations of modern day for the comfort of “way back when”.


Northstar appliances include rangers, refrigerators, dishwashers, foods, splashbacks and microwaves. 

Fireview Appliances

For the frontiersmen and women of the 21st century, Fireview is the clear choice. These wood burning stoves let you cook, bake and warm your home for that true comfort kitchen feeling. With optional gas burners, water jacket and side warmer, cooking from fire has never felt like such a luxury. 

Fireview 1842 O
Fireview 1842 O

The three separate models offer traditional homesteading abilities with modern safety and functionality. 

Yes, they are! In every province in Canada and every state in the USA, wood stoves are legal. If you are looking at a Fireview appliance, make sure that your home has all the required upgrades to fit code, including any permits you need to install one. 

What type of customization can you get for your appliances?

If you can dream it, we can make it. Customization options for our appliances include:


Each of our kitchen appliances are available in different colors, depending on make and model. Some of the color options include:

  • Candy red
  • Buttercup yellow
  • Robin’s egg blue
  • Mint green
  • White
  • Textured black
  • Bisque
  • Tropical blue

Heritage ranges have some mixes of colors, like black range and white accents. 

Add-ons and features:

Handles can be customized depending on the product type and model. Fridges, for example, can be fitted with a left or right opening handle. 

Fridges can also have an optional draft beer system installed to make hosting easier than ever. 

Warmers can be added to ovens and ranges. You can choose between gas or electric stove tops depending on your cooking preferences. 


Whether it’s copper or chrome trim, those finishing touches can be customized to your liking. Or opt for a painted finish for a cohesive look. 

Mix and match:

Love the heritage range but longing for a northstar fridge? It’s your kitchen! Mix and match across models and products, and even colors! The beauty of custom kitchen appliances is that you can really make your kitchen whatever you dream. 

Why would you want custom appliances?

A cherry red stove, classic retro fridge or wood burning oven all adds a little pizzazz to a space. Custom kitchen appliances let you put a little bit more of yourself into your kitchen. Pairing different color and finishing options with your own choice of cabinets, flooring, decor and paint, you can almost guarantee that your kitchen will be like no other in the world. 

You spend over 400 hours, on average, in your kitchen every year. Loving that space makes a difference; You’ll want to cook in it more, host friends and loved ones. It can very easily become a central hub for your family. 

How to order custom appliances with Elmira

Interested in seeing what custom appliances we have and exploring what your dream kitchen could be? Reach out to us or explore our visualizer tool and start dreaming

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