New Elmira Website!


Elmira Stove Works has exciting news to share; we are launching a new website TODAY! If you have enjoyed Elmira products in your own home or have enjoyed reading our blogs here then you will surely be excited to learn more about our new website.

New features on the website such as the new “Create Your Dream Kitchen” application will allow one to customize their own kitchen. Choosing from three colors of kitchen cabinets, the user can build their kitchen by selecting from a full catalog of Elmira products. This new kitchen design tool comes complete with the ability to add or remove appliance options such as color, trim, or accessories. The Design Center will install virtual appliances in the cabinets of choice, and also price them out for the user. Additionally, visitors can also share their Dream Kitchen via email, Facebook and other social media platforms. The site is designed to offer customers a more engaging and user-friendly experience choosing which Elmira products are a fit for them. The site was built with responsive design properties, so regardless of the operating system or platform, customers will have a great experience designing their virtual kitchen, and using the rest of the site.

This website also features galleries of photos of Elmira products. The image gallery allows for customers to not only utilize the “Create Your Dream Kitchen” application, but potential customers can also see how other Elmira customers have incorporated appliances into their own kitchens. Additional website features include Google Translate, offering the text content of the site in over 70 languages, as well as a comprehensive social media dashboard, providing quick access to Elmira’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz accounts as well as a link to this blog.

Through this new website, Elmira hopes to better serve the needs and expectations of its customers. Check out to see the new and improved website, and to try the new design center application.

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