It’s 5 o’clock… Somewhere…

Mini Refrigerator

The newest addition to Elmira’s Northstar Collection may be the most fun yet. Making a great addition to any home or recreational space, the Northstar 1945 Beverage Refrigerator comes in nine unique retro colors and can even be custom-colored by request.

The beverage refrigerator comes equipped with variable temperature control, interior lighting, four adjustable wire shelves, a retro porthole window and the optional script of “It’s 5 o’clock… Somewhere…”. The porthole window will let you know when you need to refill, but that won’t be too often given the amazing 120 can capacity. It’s also great for chilling wine, beer or other bottled beverages, and for keeping your cold snacks nearby. The refrigerator maintains the 50’s era look with modern features and convenience. This eye-catching statement piece is sure to impress and integrate seamlessly into your home design ideas. With 3.3 cubic feet of capacity, the 1945 fridge measures 34” high x 18” wide x 20” deep.


Mini Refrigerator

Here are eight great places to locate your Northstar Beverage Refrigerator:

  1. By the pool. This design fits right in with an outdoor (weatherproof*) poolbar. It has the perfect personality for those lazy laid-back summer days enjoyed by the pool.
  2. In the kitchen. Why use up fridge space with cans and bottles? Store your cold beverages separately and nearby.
  3. At the cottage or beach house. Make that warm weather getaway even more of a special escape with Northstar’s fun retro styling.
  4. At the ski chalet or hunting camp. After a day of fresh air and exercise, bring the gang back inside to a relaxing beverage, served cold and cool!
  5. In the garage workshop / car shop. Do the “guys” get together to work on projects? A retro fridge filled with cold beverages would surely add to the fun.
  6. In the ‘Man Cave’. Every man needs his space. Now the boys can “throw back” a cold one with the “throwback” styling of a retro fridge.
  7. In the basement bar. If your kitchen is more formal, why not create a relaxed and funky retro atmosphere in your recreation space?
  8. Anywhere else! Would a retro beverage add a special touch to your company’s boardroom or hospitality area? If you run a clubhouse, B&B or lodge, how might a spectacular Northstar fridge add to your “brand experience”?

*In any outdoor applications be sure to provide adequate shelter against weathering.

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