Pantone + Elmira: Spring Forward in Style With These Colorful Appliances!

Every year, spring ushers in a fresh season of renewal. Flowers bloom, trees bud with new leaves and fashion reveals new trends. Every spring and fall, the international color authority Pantone® releases a seasonal color report that ultimately shapes the top trends throughout fashion and home decor.

This year’s report highlights a few colors that are strikingly similar to color options of our own Northstar collection and we couldn’t be happier to see how “on trend” our retro kitchen appliances have continued to be! We have to stop and think: given how long our Northstar “retro” colors have been popular… are they trendy or timeless??? We’d like to think the latter, or perhaps both!

Northstar Refrigerator Mint Green

When spring approaches, one of the first colors to come to mind is green. Lucite Green is “fresh and clarifying” with a “minty glow.” Our Northstar appliances in Mint Green bring spring’s soothing sentiment into your kitchen.

Northstar Refrigerator in Buttercup Yellow

Time to welcome the yellow warmth of the sun and spring flowers. Infuse your home with perpetual joy and cheer with our Buttercup Yellow Northstar appliances. Alongside sweet, comforting kitchen accessories in Pantone’s Custard hue, your kitchen will put a smile on your family and guests’ faces.

Northstar in Flamingo Pink

Just like the many pink flowers blossoming this season, Strawberry Ice is a “subtle and charming” nod to the song “Think Pink” from the 1957 classic Paris springtime movie starring Audrey Hepburn, “Funny Face.” Channel Audrey and “think Flamingo Pink” this spring with our 1950s Northstar appliances!

Northstar in Robin Egg Blue

Spring’s beautiful, blue skies have a tough time competing with Scuba Blue’s vibrant ode to your favorite tropical beach! You can create your kitchen oasis with our Robin’s Egg Blue Northstar appliances, similar to this family’s beach home.

Northstar in Quicksilver

For a more masculine option, Glacier Gray is an ideal neutral that allows any (or all!) of the above colors to pop and shine in your kitchen. Our Quicksilver Northstar appliances are “stain-least” due to their ability to resist streaking, marking and fingerprints. Spring cleaning just got easier!

These are just a few of the options available for our Northstar appliances, but we can also create custom colors that will perfectly suit your kitchen design dreams!

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