The Psychology of Color: What It Means for Your Kitchen


We live our lives in color – from the bright and burnished hues of the changing seasons to the clothes and cars we buy, down to the way we design our homes.

Color is such an important element in interior design not only because it’s what we see, but because color is known to have psychological effects onour perceptions and emotions. When we choose colors for our walls, furniture and appliances, we’re subconsciously promoting the associations attached to those colors, which then affects our own thoughts and feelings.

The design of a home is a reflection of the owner. To help you design a home that embraces the characteristics and mindset that best fit your personality, we’re running through the psychology of some of the most popular colors in our Northstar appliance collection.

(Candy) Red – Red is a strong color – warm and positive – that is associated with passion, attention, pride and strength. In Eastern cultures, red is the color of good luck. In the kitchen, vibrant red appliances will instantly command attention.

Red Stove Work and Refrigerator

White – On the other end of the color spectrum sits white, which corresponds to clarity, cleanliness, purity and innocence. White promotes a sense of order and encourages mental sharpness. Opt for white appliances in the kitchen to create a fresh, inviting look.

White Kitchen Design

 (Robin’s Egg) Blue – Soothing and calm, blue invokes health and healing. Being surrounded by blue generates a sense of peacefulness and understanding. Choose blue appliances to bring a relaxed, tranquil feeling to your home.


Black – Black has a reputation for symbolizing darkness, but – in reality – black is commonly associated with professionalism and sophistication. Compare a black-tie event with a more casual gathering where you might wear a t-shirt and shorts. It’s the dark, dramatic suits and dresses that create an upscale atmosphere. Black appliances can lend that same sense of elegance to your kitchen.

Black Theme

(Mint) Green – Representing nature, growth and balance, green transforms spaces through its associations with safety and harmony. Whichever shade you choose, green appliances will deliver a sense of balance and relaxation to your home.

Mint Theme

(Quick) Silver – Sleek, modern and sophisticated, silver opens us up new ideas and activates intuition. Including silver in your kitchen will impart a modern feel, while its associations with jewelry and treasures will invoke a sense of luxury.

Silver and White Combination Kitchen

(Buttercup) Yellow – The happiest color on the spectrum, yellow is an energetic hue that represents youthfulness and joy. It inspires thought and creativity, and – on an emotional level – lifts spirits and encourages optimism. Use yellow appliances to bathe your home in year-round “sunshine.”

Yellow Theme Kitchen Design

One of the best features of the Northstar collection is the wide variety of available color options, which makes it easy to find the color scheme that’s right for you. Going for a beachy summer vibe? Try a light blue wall with white appliances or a white wall with Robin’s Egg blue appliances. Looking to make a bold statement? Pair red appliances with a black-and-white checkerboard floor. Whatever color you choose, know that it will subconsciously affect the way you and your guests feel and think about your kitchen. So, make sure to choose colors that truly resonate with you!

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