Turn your recreation room into the ‘coolest space on the block’ with a retro fridge with draft beer system

1952 Red Fridge

When the neighborhood bar scene gets old. When your bar buddies are looking for a place to gather. When the big game is on. You turbo charge your man cave or recreation room by adding a retro fridge with a draft beer system. All of a sudden, yours is the ultimate gathering place for the guys to gather and root for your favorite team.

Most people have pretty much the same basement setup. Flat screens. Couches. Maybe even a bar area. But what gives your place the ultimate edge is your keg fridge — with its exciting mid-century modern aesthetic and factory-installed draft beer system. Although this fridge almost sells itself, let’s run down some of the benefits of this unique addition to any serious beer lover’s play area.

We start with the keg fridge, in all its
retro glory

The fridge itself — even without the draft beer system — is the pinnacle of coolness. These Northstar models are uniquely appointed with the smooth lines and dangerous curves that have given Northstar its reputation for being a cut above the rest.

There are six models available in nine standard colors, or match your team’s colors with an unlimited selection of custom colors.

We move to the draft beer system, with cold ones on tap

So, great, you have your fridge… But it isn’t long before having to open the door to grab your cold beers gets a bit old. And then you have to get the cap off the beer or flip the tab. It’s so much work, and you’ve got a game to focus on! Wouldn’t it be great if you had a draft system that lets you draw your beer just like at your favorite neighborhood watering hole? Well, now you can.

Say “hello” to the Northstar fridge with a factory-installed draft beer system. It comes complete with all the necessary accessories, including:

  • Through-the-door tap dispenser
  • Retro flame splashback
  • Drip tray
  • Coupler & connections
  • CO2 cylinder
  • Just add beer!

The real benefits for those who need more convincing

If a retro-cool refrigerator with draft beer system isn’t enough to get you to pull out your bank card and order right now, we thought perhaps we’d make a short list of some real benefits of adding the Northstar and BrewMaster teams to your man cave, recreation room or finished basement.

Elmira Stove Works Northstar Model-1950 Keg Fridge Black

The envy factor. One look at your game-day setup and your buddies will definitely want to hang out with you — heck, they might even want to be you (on game days, that is).

The safety factor. No more trying to navigate your way home on the roads from the neighborhood bar after a few cold ones — just walk upstairs to your bedroom when the game is over – and leave your buddies on the couch!

The spouse factor. If you decide to have a couple of beers after work, your spouse won’t have to look for you or go too far to find you.

The babysitter factor. For those beer lovers with kids, you won’t have to get a babysitter the next time you have a sudden urge to watch the game, eat wings and drink beer.

Elmira combines the ultra hip Northstar fridge with a factory-installed BrewMaster draft system. We’re ready to help you make your buddies jealous the instant they enter your recreation room… with the ultimate keg fridge.

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