Winter camp with a cookstove or wood burning stove

Camp and Lodge Cookstoves: Why Wood Burning Is the Perfect Choice

The snow is falling. The stars are shining bright. When you picture yourself at a cozy cottage or ski lodge, what  is one thing that always comes to mind? If you said an extra cozy fire, then we agree. But have you thought about the best way to bring fire into your cottage or lodge? A wood burning stove.

4 reasons wood burning ovens are perfect for your camp

Wood burning stoves — also known as a cookstove — are great for all kinds of kitchens, especially if you get one built with modern touches like the ones from Elmira Stove Works. But, while you can use them in any kitchen, it’s almost like they’re made for a cottage, camp or lodge. 

1840 36" Woodburning Cookstove

1. They are the perfect getaway to slow down

Going to the cottage is often synonymous with slowing down. People usually tuck away their phones and spend more time relaxing than doing anything else. Wood burning stoves by nature take a bit more time and care. 

You can’t just preheat the oven and leave it alone while you multitask other tasks on your todo list. You must monitor the wood, keep an eye on the thermometer. It’s the best kind of encouragement to slow down. 

2. Cookstoves smell like comfort

Is there anything better than the smell of a fire? When we go to cottages or camp, we’re looking for that nature-vibe. Fires and the smell of them are key for that. Wood burning stoves let you bring that into your home in a safe way. 

3. The perfect heat source for winter rustic getaways

Gas or electric heat keeps you warm, but a fire keeps you cozy. It helps to create the atmosphere you want in a cottage or lodge. You can put your boots by it to help warm them up, too!An added bonus is that wood is an economical way to heat a space. I

4. Makes your second home more appealing for winter

Although cottages need to be winterized to be used in the cold, an addition of a wood burning stove adds another level of appeal. If you have a cottage as an AirBnB, a wood burning oven can make you stand out from the competition, too. 

Wood burning ovens and cookstoves from Elmira Stove Works

Elmira’s wood burning ovens are part of their Fireview line.  

Fireview Viewing Window / Firebox

Each Fireview stove gives you just that: a view of fire! The see-through firedoor lets you enjoy the look of the flame while making it easy to monitor your fire while you cook. So, it’s not just an appliance for your cottage, but becomes a focal point, too.  

Large Oven Size

Woodburning doesn’t need to mean small. The Fireview wood stove has an oven that is three cubic feet. You can cook whatever meals you want, host Christmas at the cottage, and cook food for large groups of people. 


Elmira Stove Works’ gets it that getting timing right while cooking can be hard – and doing so with fire can be a little difficult. These ovens have a built-in overhead warmer so you can keep your dishes toasty while finishing up your cooking.

FAQs about wood burning stoves

What is a wood burning stove?

A wood burning stove uses real fire to heat the oven and cook food. It’s one of the most primitive forms of cooking you can get today — outside of cooking while camping.

Can you have a wood burning stove in your home?

This is perhaps the most common question for wood burning stoves, and the answer is yes! It’s important to get them installed according to local codes and the manufacturers’ instructions. But they are absolutely legal and safe to have in your home. Installation and inspection should be done by a Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified technician.

Wood burning stoves: The perfect addition to your cottage or lodge

If you’re looking for a way to take your cottage to the next level, a wood burning oven is the way to go. Not only is this a practical appliance, but it is an ambiance piece too. It brings a touch of the outdoors and traditional cooking to your space to make it extra comforting. 

For more information about wood burning ovens, check out our complete guide here

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