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Wood Burning Stoves: Everything You Need To Know

In the age of modern technology, there’s something deeply appealing about returning to the roots of traditional cooking. It’s something we’re craving in many aspects of our world – but food especially. 33% of American homes grow vegetables, and that number is growing every year.  But going back to the basics in cooking isn’t just about growing your own food or baking things from scratch. Going all the way back to cooking with fire is part of that too. And with wood burning stoves, even the most modern and tech-friendly home can embrace that opportunity. 

In this blog, we’re exploring everything about wood burning stoves, including:

  • Why they’re growing in popularity
  • The benefits of using one
  • Rules and regulations about wood burning stoves
  • The Elmira Stove Works Fireview stoves 
  • Other wood burning stove FAQs 

Let’s get into it!

Today, about 1 in 5 – or around 20% – of Canadian homes report either having a wood burning stove or fireplace in their home. There’s an estimated 10 million wood burning stoves in the USA as well.

This traditional cooking method is very much alive and well, and for many good reasons.

Benefits of Using Wood Burning Stoves

There are many benefits to using a wood burning cook oven — some which you may not have thought of. Cooking with fire isn’t just appealing for the sake of the story. There are real, very tangible bonuses to using this cooking method. Here’s a few: 

Environmentally Friendly Heating and Cooking:

One of the most compelling advantages of clean-burning wood stoves is their environmental friendliness. When harvested in a thoughtful way, wood is a renewable resource. It also lowers the demand for other fuel sources and can be more environmentally friendly than for more remote homes. By using a wood burning stove, you’re actively contributing to a greener planet.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Wood burning stoves are remarkably energy-efficient and they can save you money! Not only do they cook your food, but they heat your home at the same time. That is one of the main reasons they grew in popularity over the years: temperatures are getting cooler there, and energy costs are going up. Burning wood and having a wood stove is the best way to save money and heat your home. 

This shift back to traditional wood burning heating could rise as temperatures fluctuate outside the “norm” more often around the world. 

Ambiance and Cozy Atmosphere:

There’s a unique charm in the crackling sound of burning wood and the flickering flames dancing in the stove. There’s a reason it gets so easy to get lost in a campfire. Plus, the smell of a fire is like none other. Wood burning stoves not only provide warmth but also create a cozy ambiance that no other heating method can match. Imagine gathering around the stove with your family, sharing stories and laughter on a chilly winter evening, making hot cocoa or sipping soup that was cooked on that exact stove?

For cold winters up North, it’s an unmatched experience. 

Can you have a wood burning stove in your home?

This is perhaps the most common question around these appliances. And the answer is yes! When installed according to local codes and the manufacturers’ instructions, they are legal and safe to have in your home. Installation and inspection should be done by a Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified technician. 

Fireview Appliances by Elmira Stove Works

While there are a few options for woodburning cookstoves out there, Elmira Stove Works’ Fireview collection is by far the best option. These woodburning cookstoves are built to bring the cozy comforts of traditional cooking and the charm of antique stoves into your home, while still making it easy to whip up the foods you love. 


Some unique features that make Fireview wood burning cook ovens stand out are their viewing window, oven size, warmers, unique finish options, and even the way they actually build their appliances.

Fireview Viewing Window / Firebox

Each Fireview stove gives you just that: a view of fire! The see-through firedoor lets you enjoy the look of the flame while making it easy to monitor your fire while you cook. The firebox is a large 1.6 cubic feet and can easily hold up to 18” long logs. Plus, this firebox can be loaded from the front or the top, depending on your preference. 

Large Oven Size

Woodburning doesn’t need to mean small. The Fireview wood stove has an oven that is three cubic feet. You can still fit a full sized roasting pan (and your roasts will taste so much better being cooked with fire). 


Elmira Stove Works’ gets it that getting timing right while cooking can be hard – and doing so with fire can be a little difficult. With a 1.7 cubic foot large overhead warmer, you can keep your dishes toasty while finishing up your cooking. Also standard on their 48” stoves is a second, 2.0 cubic foot, warmer.

Unique Finishes and Options

Elmira is all about helping you build your appliance the way you want. Add on gas burners if you want, or choose a custom trim, finish, and color based on your preferences. One size does not fit all, and you should get an oven that fits your space in both look and feel. 

Wood Burning Ovens with a Personal Touch

One of the biggest benefits to choosing a Fireview wood burning stove is that you get all the benefits of ordering from Elmira Stove Works. With no assembly lines and a focus on handmade craftsmanship, all Elmira kitchen appliances are held to an extremely high standard of design, quality and performance. 

With their Fireview line, the vintage design and impeccable craftsmanship were especially designed to bring a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen, transforming it into a timeless space while still providing you with the high quality you deserve. 

If you want to explore options for Fireview stoves, you can see them here

Cooking with Wood: Tips, Tricks and FAQs

The concept of cooking with fire can be hard to grasp. We are so used to touching a button or turning a dial to cook, that we forget how natural and comforting it can be to cook with flame. Here’s some of our top tips and tricks for cooking with wood, and some FAQs people have about wood cookstoves. 

What can you cook with a wood stove?

You can cook the same things you would in an electric or gas stove! Everything from bread and delicious roasts to gourmet pizzas or yummy pies. Don’t be afraid to get curious and see what the flavor of fire does to your favorite foods.  

How do you manage temperature when cooking with a wood stove?

Controlling the temperature is key to successful wood-fired cooking, but it can take a bit to get used to it. After that, it’s like riding a bike. You can regulate the overall stove temperature with the air intake dampers on the side of the stove, and the oven more specifically with the oven bypass damper at the back of the cooktop. It’s all laid out in the manual. For consistent baking temperatures, establish a good bed of hot coals; then add a few small pieces of wood as the fire progresses. Avoid adding large chunks of wood, as these will cool the oven down until the wood gets burning again. Big chunks, packed tightly, are perfect for that long heating fire you want during the day or overnight.

A stove thermometer will let you see just how hot your oven is. 

Are wood burning stoves safe?

Another major assumption about these ovens is that they’re dangerous. Wood burning stoves are absolutely safe when used and maintained properly. If you do have a wood burning stove, make sure you:

  • Follow any local building codes or regulations for having a wood burning stove.
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy by your oven. 
  • Keep the space well ventilated, potentially with an overhead fan. 
  • Keep any chimneys clean and clear.
  • Don’t burn pressure treated wood or cook with wood that has any potentially toxic materials on it. 
  • Clear out old ash or soot to keep it working properly. 

What maintenance do wood burning stoves need?

Regular maintenance for these stoves include cleaning the chimney and flue regularly, removing ash buildup, and inspecting the gaskets for any signs of wear. Doing these checks often will keep it working well, and extend the lifespan of your stove. 

Can wood burning stoves also heat your house?

Yes! They can heat an entire house, provided they are appropriately sized for the space. If you want to both cook and heat your home with your stove, make sure you get one that’s big enough for your space. 

How efficient are wood burning stoves?

Woodburning cookstoves can be highly efficient. The Frieview uses secondary -burn technology to turn fuel-rich smoke and soot into heat, maximizing the heat extracted from the wood while minimizing the soot and pollution going up the chimney. That’s why they’re so popular as an environmentally-friendly cost saving option in areas with high energy prices. 

Wood Burning Stoves and Fireview Cookstoves: The Perfect Cozy Addition To Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a stove that is unique, adds something cozy to your home, and helps you get back to your roots, then a traditional, old-school, but beautiful Fireview wood burning stove could be for you. These stoves do more than cook. They provide an experience—an experience of embracing tradition, savoring the genuine flavors of wood-fired cuisine, and enjoying the cozy warmth of a bygone era. 

Explore more about Fireview ovens and connect with the Elmira Stove Works team today to learn more

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