Person in PPE hand painting Elmira Stove Works kitchen appliances

The Elmira Stove Works Difference

In a world where automation, efficiency and speed reigns supreme, we have begun to lose touch on the magic of personalization and customization. Mass production and financial efficiencies drive most business decisions these days – which have affected quality in product design and care. 

Handmade With Love

We have a lot of respect for Mr. Olds and what his invention of the assembly line did for consumerism and manufacturing. Just because Ford used it to build an empire of cars doesn’t mean that quality comes from mass production.

We take the opposite approach.

Behind Elmira Stove Works appliances are individual people who love what they do and care about the appliance you order.

Who is Elmira Stove Works?

Established in 1975, Elmira Stove Works grew as the go-to provider for nostalgic appliances for North American customers. With an eye for detail and a touch of modern conveniences, the bold colours and throw-back designs of their appliances helped to establish Elmira Stove Works as a trusted and beloved business. The real appeal of Elmira? Select customization and a hand-built approach to their appliances. 

Over time, Elmira grew to partner with more than 300 dealers across North America, distributing and selling their three main product lines to customers from coast to coast. 

Assembly lines have no place at Elmira

From building your appliance to selecting your custom colour, to one of our technicians hand painting it in our plant, your Elmira appliance is built by Canadians who care about your vision just as much as you do. Each handle, door and accent piece is added to your order by hand with the care and attention that we believe you deserve. This level of care and attention is only possible at specialized vendors such as Elmira Stove Works. 

Behind the scenes at the Elmira Stove Works manufacturing plant showing parts drying and being hand painted.

Kitchen appliances made in Canada

The crafting of Elmira appliances takes place in Ottawa, Ontario–headquarters for Elmira Stove Works. We assemble and ship our kitchen appliances from our assemblyroom so you can trust in the quality of every order you place. Purchasing kitchen appliances from a small, Canadian business ensures that you support local communities.

Our Collections

Elmira Stove Works has three different collections: Heritage, Northstar and Fireview. Each of these collections offers a unique style and customization options to fit whatever vibe your kitchen has–or whatever style you’re planning to build. 

Heritage brings a turn-of-the-century to modern kitchens with classic designs from the 1800s. Northstar appliances encourage customers to embrace the classic retro designs from the 1950’s and 60s. Fireview brings open-fire cooking into the kitchens of bold chefs. 

Elmira Stove Works: Raising The Bar For Customization

The risk of ordering an appliance through us? Having the bar raised forever on what customization means to you. Customizing your kitchen appliances means choosing the right model, then personalizing color and finishes so your appliance fits your personality. With our range of models, collections and colors, whatever your kitchen color pallet is, we have a fit for you. 

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