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Kitchen Appliance Trims: Copper, Chrome, and Brushed Nickel

In the world of kitchen design, every detail matters. One element that often gets overlooked — but can make a significant difference in your kitchen— is the choice of trims. Whether it’s your oven, microwave, stove or refrigerator, the right trim can elevate the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. What difference can it really make to choose nickel over copper? Why would someone want chrome? You’re in the right place to find out. 

Three of the most popular choices for kitchen appliance trims are copper, chrome and nickel. These three all have their own benefits and unique looks. 

Copper 101:

Copper is a timeless choice, possesses a unique quality—it evolves. Over time, it naturally transforms in a way that adds character to your appliances. Its warm, reddish-brown hues infuse your kitchen with nostalgia and rustic charm. The result? An inviting and cozy space with a touch of modernity. 

Chrome 101:

Chrome is a material that stands out because of its durability. It is sleek and polished, and portrays a modern touch while still being strong enough against wear and tear. Neutral yet bold, chrome adds a contemporary touch to your appliances that will still look gorgeous next to any colors. Picture a chrome-trimmed Northstar stove—a symbol of retro elegance that captures the essence of timeless design.

Brushed Nickel 101:

Brushed nickel is the epitome of subtle elegance. It makes a statement without overpowering. Its muted shine isn’t too flashy but it still adds a little “something” to your kitchen. This finish fits both into traditional and modern designs. Our Fireview ovens embellished with nickel accents help build kitchens that are the perfect mix of modern and antique. (If you’re curious about wood burning ovens, you can learn all about them here.)

Why Appliance Trim Finish Matters

The finish of your trim is more than a mere detail—it’s the finishing touch that defines the character of your kitchen. The trim of your appliances can change the look of your entire kitchen. Look at the above photos of a Heritage refrigerator. The copper finish transforms it into a much more historical addition to a kitchen versus the nickel finish. With the Nickel, the older-style refrigerator looks much more modern.

At Elmira, we know just how much of a different finish can make — which is why we like to let customers choose their own finishes. 

There are traditional and classic matches, of course. The Northstar stoves, for example, are our more “retro” appliance, so chrome is usually the go-to for that. But, if you choose a bisque Northstar refrigerator, then you may want the more modern look of the brushed nickel. You can see how it starts to get more particular as you think about it. 

Example Trim Metal and Appliance Matches

Just like the color of your kitchen or appliance, it’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong choice for your trim finish. You really need to choose based on your kitchen vision and what type of space you’re building. Here are a few examples though, to help you see what a difference it can make. 

Copper Trim on an Elmira Heritage Range:

Copper trims exude warmth and timeless elegance. When paired with the Heritage range, they create a rustic charm that feels inviting and cozy but still modern. The reddish-brown hues of copper beautifully contrast with dark colored appliances, adding depth and character age-old style kitchens. It’s a striking combination that speaks of sophistication and style.

Nickel Accents on a Fireview Oven

A traditional cooking appliance can get a whole new vibe with the right accessories. With the Fireview cookstoves, adding nickel oven door frames, legs, skirts, or trivets can bring a touch of modern and sophistication to the classic design. For a modern chef who wants the benefits of wood burning cooking with the classic vibe of modern elegance, nickel will make a huge difference. 

Appliance Metal Trims: A Simple Way To Elevate Your Appliances

When you’re dreaming of or designing your ideal kitchen, take time to think about your trims. Whether it’s copper, chrome or nickel, or perhaps a different type of finish entirely, you will want to consider how your choice will impact the feel of your space. 

If you want to see the difference for yourself, try the Elmira Stove Works visualizer tool to play around with finishes, colors, and appliances. 

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